Integrated lifespan support plans for those affected by ASD

The transition to adulthood and the community beyond high school can present many challenges to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. Comprehensive transition planning can help to buffer the challenges during this time and maximize the potential for each person to live a full and meaningful life.

Launch focuses on helping individuals, parents and professionals prepare for and respond to the transition to adulthood.  By providing concrete ways to develop a realistic transition plan, the Launch team helps individuals and their caregivers prepare for the best possible life both during and after the school years.

While the thought of your son or daughter leaving school or getting ready to live away from home may seem overwhelming, starting early will allow you to take smaller, more manageable steps and help reach your goals successfully and with less stress.

Creative thinking is often needed to help craft the best plan for moving forward, which captures your son or daughter's strengths and helps build a meaningful life.

What is Transition Planning?

Transition planning is a process that uncovers, develops and documents the skills, challenges, goals and tasks that will be important for moving through school, leaving school and entering the adult world. It is a collaborative process that requires cooperation between the individual, family, teachers, community members and adult service providers where the goal is to explore what is possible, what some of the challenges ahead might be, and what strategies are needed to achieve success.

Thoughtful planning, good information and open communication can result in a solid plan that leads to success and ensures seamless transition during the school years and beyond. A good transition plan is specific to the interests, abilities and desires of the individual, includes both long and short-term goals, and identifies the supports that will be necessary to achieve these goals.

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