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Although there are no Aspires business meetings over the summer the committee did have a social get together at Moose McGuires on July 27th. There were about 20 people and everyone talked a little housing, had a beverage or two, and ate a few nachos.

Meetings will resume in fall.

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Location: Board Room GH Dawe Centre 56 Holt St Red Deer, Alberta

RSVP: by 4:00 PM, Thursday, Aug 18, 2016

Child Care is available, but we MUST know your needs by 4 PM, August 12, 2016. Please note, this is a... Read more...

The sessions were facilitated by Dr. Katelyn Lowe, with support from Autism Society of British Columbia, assisted by local educators and autism moms Sue Noble and Teresa Peters. The weekend series was a huge success with 18 parents, 5 support workers and 2 teens with ASD taking part.

Anxiety, depression, and attention deficient disorder are extremely common in individuals with ASD, yet access to effective treatment and support for these issues can be difficult. We would like to hear more about what is working well in the current mental health system and what gaps or barriers still exist. 

The Sinneave Family...

What do you need from researchers?  What should research in autism and other areas of neurodiversity look like?  YOUR VIEW COUNTS!

Marketwired News Release – July 14, 2016

“It helped me, and it might help you!”

An enthusiastic sentiment shared when a participant was asked about their recent experience in the EmploymentWorks Canada program. “It helped me, and it might help you! It helped me get over my anxiety, and introduced me to new skills, new... Read more...

The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance (CASDA), with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, is embarking on a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process to canvass input into the development of a Canadian Autism Partnership (CAP) model that supports collective leadership in addressing the complex issues facing Canadians... Read more...

The CommunityWorks Canada® (CWC) program at The Ability Hub recently wrapped up its Spring program cycle, and we had the very good fortune of working with an incredible group of volunteers, peer mentors and community partners. Together, we tackled various jobs including the creation of enhancement toys for animals at the Calgary Zoo, and... Read more...

Since its inception, the EmploymentWorks Canada® (EWC) program has provided pre-employment training and skills development support to 24 participants in the Calgary area.