Past Workshops

Past Workshops

Have you given up on your iPad? Need some help to effectively use and navigate your iPad? Then join us for our beginner’s session. At our session you will learn all sorts of useful information about you iPad; how to navigate, organize, download apps and get the most out of your device. We take things slow, define terms along the way and allow lots of time for questions. No base of knowledge is assumed.

This workshop will provide an overview of why anxiety is common in individuals with autism and how to manage anxiety across multipole settings (home, school and community).  Parents and caregivers will also learn how to implement effective strategies for emotional regulation and stress management.

Advocacy is one of the roles that every parent must take on, and for those with extraordinary children, it can often involve many other players - from teachers to agencies. Being your child's best advocate can seem daunting - a task often clouded by emotion, and met with many obstacles, including policies, politics and shrinking budgets.

Safety can be a very real concern for all adolescents and young adults, but especially for individuals with Autism.  The presentation will include safety and security tips for staying safe in and around your community; including at home, travelling, banking and online.

For the first time in history, people with disabilities are out-living their parents. For those of us who have a family member with a disability, the question of what will happen to our loved one when we die or can no longer care for them is very real and often very frightening. Where will they live? Who will manage their finances? Who will help them have a good life? With good and thoughtful planning, these questions can be answered.

Robyn Jackson of PLAN Calgary will walk you through the considerations involved in creating your future plan for your loved one with a disability.

Many parents who have children/teens or young adults with ASD struggle with how to keep their active, or unfocussed child occupied for even short periods of time.  You want him or her to help with chores around the house but is it motivation or is there truly a skill deficit? Lack of skill may be misinterpreted as non-compliance.

If you are a parent or caregiver of an adolescent or adult with Aspergers, and you have struggled with providing information about sex and relationships, please join us for a free workshop that will address this topic. It is essential that information about sexuality and relationship development/maintenance is given and that it is developmentally appropriate. If this has not been addressed to date, it is key to start now. The good news is that you do not have to do it alone.

Many individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders demonstrate difficulties with anxiety. It is important that individuals with ASD, as well as those who care for or work with individuals with ASD, have an understanding of how anxiety may impact day to day functioning. As well, it is critical to understand responses that may perpetuate the anxiety versus those that will increase coping skills. This presentation will discuss:

This presentation will begin with a review of current research findings regarding bullying among students with ASD. The presentation will then cover the current state of knowledge regarding bullying interventions, as well as strategies to support students who experience bullying.

Come and learn about the basics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and what you can do to support a family who is impacted by this condition. This workshop will explore the three core challenges related to ASD and we will discuss how this may be impacting your family. This workshop is appropriate for all family members impacted by ASD including extended family members such as parents, relatives or close friends. We will brainstorm ideas of what you can do to help and to be supportive in your own way.