Past Workshops

Past Workshops

The ADOS-2 is a semi-structured, standardized measure of communication, social interaction, play, and restricted and receptive behaviours synonymous with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is widely considered the ‘gold standard’ measure of behavioural observation for assessment and diagnosis of ASD. With updated protocols and the addition of the Toddler Module, the ADOS-2 provides a highly accurate evaluation of current behaviour in individuals from 12 months of age to adulthood, from individuals who are nonverbal to individuals who are verbally fluent.

Many individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders are at increased risk for developing at least one other psychiatric mental illness, compared to the general population. For family and caregivers, it can be difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with mental health changes and mental illness.  Treatment and management options can sometimes be overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing.

Getting started with iPad technology can be a little scary. There are thousands of apps being added to the Apple App Store weekly, many of which are labeled as "Autism friendly", so it can be confusing at times to know which App to choose and how to get started.

If you are a parent or caregiver of an adolescent or adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and you are looking for strategies to make summer outings more successful, you will want to come to our next evening seminar:  “Optimizing Participation during Outings” .

If you are a parent or caregiver of an adolescent or adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and you have struggled with providing information about sex, please join us for a free workshop that will address this topic.  It is essential that information about Sexuality is given and that it is developmentally appropriate. If this has not been addressed to date, it is key to start now.  The good news is that you do not have to do it alone.

Areas that will be covered in the workshop include:

If you are an Adolescent or Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and you are either attending or planning to attend post-secondary school, and/or looking for or have independent employment, please join us for this free workshop.

Very few people enjoy doing housework or laundry.  Having ASD doesn't make that fact any different.  This free workshop will help parents identify whether they are facing a compliance issue, a challenge regarding motivation, or an actual skill deficit with their teenager or young adult.

The Ability Hub is pleased to offer the UCLA PEERS® Training Seminar. PEERS® is an internationally recognized model in which professionals learn to teach youth and their parents social etiquette for the development and maintenance of friendships and social skills for teenagers with developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The PEERS® Training Seminar is designed for professionals and educators who are interested implementing the PEERS® intervention in their clinical practice, or as part of their research program.

Despite the age or functioning level of your child/client with Autism Spectrum Disorder you have undoubtedly been faced with challenges teaching many life skills. During this free workshop you will be provided with a gamut of techniques for determining the critical life skills for your child/client and the tools for teaching those skills.  Areas to be covered include:

If you are a parent or caregiver of an adolescent or adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder you know a sensational kid.  This free workshop will provide an overview of different sensory differences that individuals with Autism may have.  The focus will be on interventions that can be incorporated into daily routines and learning how day to day activities can be used as sensory strategies.  Participants will have the opportunity to trial a number of sensory supplies and the presenter will provide a brief discussion regarding how to set up a multisensory space in a home environment.