Video and Multimedia

Visual resources about Autism and The Ability Hub

Learn more about The Ability Hub and our patrons through video and multimedia.

The Launch Program

This video provides an overview of the five Launch domains and highlights the experiences of parents and children with ASD as they have transitioned from adolescence to adulthood.  The video includes an introduction to transitions in ASD and a separate module for each domain.

An introduction to The Ability Hub

This video gives an inside glimpse into some of the programs The Ability Hub supports. With footage shot almost entirely by facilitators and participants, the video brings us inside the lives of participants and families who have gone through programming here at The Ability Hub.

Working Together with Autism

This video provides an overview of the working partnership between London Drugs and The Ability Hub, specifically targeting organizations interested in partnering with the Ability Hub. It explores some of the details of the program, the successful outcomes, and gives organizations an idea of what a partnership might look like.

Vocational Opportunity for Families Living with ASD

A video for families looking for vocational opportunities with The Ability Hub, specifically the program they've developed in partnership with London Drugs. This video provides an overview of the program and some of the changes experienced by participants and families who have gone through it.

Autism Grows Up

A trailer for the upcoming documentary that examines the vocational challenges and opportunities faced by people with ASD. We follow stories in Newfoundland, Toronto, London, and Calgary.