The Sinneave Family Foundation

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Established in 2008, The Sinneave Family Foundation’s (SFF or the Foundation) vision is that every adolescent and adult in Canada with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will be supported in realizing their highest quality of life. We are also committed to helping the families, professionals and other caregivers who are touched by ASD.

The Foundation’s strategic direction has evolved, and the current mandate is to Enable, Evaluate and Export promising practices and programs that contribute to building successful futures for adolescents and adults living with ASD.

In the past two decades, a significant focus on early diagnosis and intervention has emerged and benefited many young children. However, children with ASD become adolescents and adults with ASD with lifelong changing needs. The Foundation is committed to providing information, transition planning support and resource navigation for the entire lifespan through our Resource Centre, and to focusing our enabling activities on adolescents and adults with ASD. 

Our core purpose is achieved by enabling collaborations between individuals, organizations and governments that catalyze and facilitate the sharing of promising practices in order to build system capacity and foster policy development that will enhance service and support for those living with autism.

We aim to be transparent, fair and respectful in our sharing of quality information with stakeholders, promoting confidence in The Sinneave Family Foundation as an ethical, credible and trusted advisor and facilitator in the field of autism.

The Foundation’s five key areas of focus are:

  • Life and Work Skills
  • Lifespan Planning and Navigation
  • Supported Community Living
  • Caregivers and other Professionals
  • Knowledge Mobilization

One of the Foundation’s first initiatives was to fund the construction, operation and staffing of The Ability Hub which opened its doors in 2011.